Triskele Writing


I have been writing all my life. It started as a child, composing silly little stories and drawing pictures to go along with them. I remember in fifth grade (I won’t tell you the year as it’s too long ago), my school had a special project where select kids from the local schools all got together to work on “books” that were to be displayed for the public. I was one of the kids in my class chosen because I was good at coming up with stories.

I was that crazy kid in high school and college who actually enjoyed writing essays and term papers. While I didn’t go to school for journalism or English, I often had poetry published in the college newspaper and literary magazine. I spent much of my free time writing short stories and failed novel attempts.

Throughout my professional life, I found ways to work writing into every job I’ve had. I’ve written and developed press informational packets, press releases, newsletters, re-written book blurbs, tech sheets, and co-authored a journal article.

Even as a massage therapist, I was able to bring my talents to the table (pun not intended). I helped one employer redevelop the employee manual from scratch, writing over thirty pages of concise instruction. It was a huge leap forward from the five pages of scribbles and sketches that were the original “manual.” As a small business owner, developing my own content for this website, as well as Facebook accounts and email blasts, has been a large part of my marketing plan.

In my spare time, I started my first blog, Random Thoughts Strung Together, which is now offline. My second personal blog is Better Kate Than Never, which is an account of my physical, emotional, and mental journey toward a black belt in Kempo JiuJitsu. I also have a professional blog here on Triskele Editorial. It has a wonderful mix of posts on health, wellness, self-care, writing, and editing. I have recently started a third blog simply entitled Kate Williams, which is a place for me to explore the trials and tribulations of trying to make it as a writer in your forties.

Most recently, I have helped several businesses come up with content for their own websites. I have helped shaped narrative bios from resumes, I have written product/treatment descriptions, and I have ghostwritten content for blogs.

I am also in the process of writing a book . . . okay, maybe four books. I have taken up writing poetry and fiction again after a long absence. You can read about this new turn of events here on my professional blog.

Are you seeking new content? Do you have the idea, but the words just don’t seem right? Do you need something from scratch? I can help! Pricing varies depending on the size and scope of your project, so let’s get in touch and talk about your needs.