Triskele Writing

I have been writing all my life. It started as a child, composing silly little stories and drawing pictures to go along with them. I was that crazy kid in high school and college who actually enjoyed writing essays and term papers. While I didn’t go to school for journalism or English, I often had poetry published in the college newspaper and literary magazine. I spent much of my free time writing short stories and making stabs at novel-length works.

Throughout my professional life, I found ways to work writing into every job I’ve had. I’ve written and developed press informational packets, press releases, newsletters, re-written book blurbs, tech sheets, an employee manual, and co-authored a journal article. As a small business owner, I develop my own web and social media content.

What can I do for you?

Whether you’re looking for someone to write your twitter posts, need someone to provide blog content, or want help writing a book, I’ve got you covered.

Web Content: I have helped many local wellness practitioners revamp (or totally redo) their website content. Depending on your needs, I can either work with what you already have or develop new content from scratch. I can help you with one page or your entire site. I can help ensure that your website is SEO-savvy and that it gets your message across without being cluttered or confusing. I can’t help you design your site (yet, anyway), but I can help you make sure that your words have meaning. 
Pricing: $30 per hour

Social Media Content: Did you know that many businesses outsource their social media content? It’s true! They’ll hire someone to write up pages of potential posts for them, to be used on an as-needed basis. You can do that, too! Provide me with your parameters (tone, style, what you’re hoping to promote, etc.) and I can provide you with appropriate posts, hashtags, and even images. 
Pricing: $10 per post, with a 5-post minimum (no images); $15 per post, with a 5-post minimum (with images)

Blog Posts: I specialize in health and wellness posts, specifically as it relates to self-care, emotional and mental wellness, and energetic practices. As a certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Yoga Teacher, I am uniquely placed to offer expert and experienced advice for your health or wellness blog. If you have a specialty topic you’d like to explore, let me know! I’m happy to work within themes, outlines, specific blog formatting, and other restrictions.
Pricing: $50 for 500 words; $75 for 1,000 words; $100 for 1,200 words

Personal Essays: If you are looking for personal interest stories as they relate to health, wellness, personal growth, spirituality, or self-care, I am happy to provide an article to augment your website, magazine, or publication. Please provide me with your requirements.
Pricing: $50 for 500 words; $75 for 1,000 words; $100 for 1,200 words

Ghostwriting: Perhaps you have a book percolating inside you, but you just don’t know how to get it out. Maybe you need regular content for your blog or social media but don’t have time to sit down and research articles or bother with the latest hashtags. That’s where I come in! I can do all the work for you, you get to take the credit. Please note that I will not accept requests for term papers, dissertations, or other academic work.
Pricing: $30 to $50 an hour, depending on the complexity of the project

Marketing Content: Having written marketing content for nearly twenty years in the areas of publishing, energy efficiency, and wellness, I am perfectly placed to help you find the right words for your advertising and marketing. In some cases, I may even be able to help you design them! Please contact me with your requirements.
Pricing: $30 to $50 an hour, depending on the complexity of the project

I am currently accepting clients. If you are interested in working with me, I encourage you to get in touch

Our Policies 

* Prices and turnaround times vary for every project, depending on the scope and depth of the project. Our ability to keep to the deadline hinges on our client’s ability to provide needed information in a timely fashion. Any work needed beyond the scope of the original contract will be renegotiated as needed.

* Payment requirements depend on the project. For smaller projects (under $500), payment upon receipt of final invoice is required. For larger payments ($500+), we can negotiate either a payment plan or half due before work begins and the final amount due upon receipt of final invoice. All work over $500 must have a contract in place before work begins.

* Cancellation of services rendered can happen at any time. However, once work has begun, all payments are non-refundable. Clients will be charged at the agreed-upon rate, prorated for the work already done, and will be provided with said work to use (or not) as they see fit.

* We highly encourage our clients to read through and have others read through all work provided before using or posting. While we do our best to provide error-free documents, we cannot guarantee zero errors. After all, even the Chicago Manual of Style has typos in it.

* Except in ghostwriting, social media posts, or other pre-arranged circumstances, all personal essays and articles are my own and appropriate recognition is expected. Please do not plagiarize or otherwise use my work without permission or without appropriate compensation.