Is your business, organization, or group looking to offer informational workshops or presentations about Wellness to your colleagues or members? Are you offering a Wellness or Spa Day, and looking for practitioners or presenters?

Triskele Wellness is pleased to offer several options and ideas that can take the mystery out of alternative wellness practices, as well as provide information as to their benefits.

Below is a listing of some basic workshop/presentation possibilities. We are happy to work with you if you have a specific idea or vision in mind. Pricing varies, so we encourage you to get in touch at or (802) 373 1482 to discuss your needs and pricing options.



Spot Massage and Reiki

We bring our table into your space and offer short, 15 to 20 minute sessions of Massage and/or Reiki. Your colleagues/members stay clothed the entire time, but reap the benefits even a short session can provide.

This is appropriate for Wellness Days, Spa Days, Conventions, Conferences, or Office Retreats.


30-Minute Mini Yoga
A perfect way to introduce Yoga to your office, organization or group. This simple, gentle class is just 30 minutes, and appropriate no matter what you wear. We will go over simple postures that will release the tension of the day, ground everyone back into their bodies, and energize them for the rest of the day.

This is appropriate for Wellness Days, Spa Days, Conventions, Conferences, or Office Retreats.


Massage 101
Why is everyone raving about massages? Why does Deep Tissue hurt? What’s the difference between a Swedish and Relaxation massage?

This workshop will take you through the basics of a typical massage. You will learn what it is, why you should get one, and explore the many different modalities available today.

We will go over what happens during a massage, and what a client can expect. Benefits are many, and we’ll go over those, as well as those times when is isn’t appropriate to get a massage.

We will provide a brief tutorial on how to give a massage, so you’ll learn how to ease a loved one’s discomfort without hurting yourself.

Finally, we’ll provide hints about improving your posture, breathing techniques to help settle difficult situations, and gentle stretches you can do any time to help prolong your feeling of well-being between massage appointments.


Energy Work 101
What are Chakras, and why should I care about them? How do you say Reiki? What is the difference between acupressure and acupuncture?

This workshop is an introduction into the wide and sometimes confusing world of Energy Work. We will take the mystery out of some of the terms and ideas, and we will provide information as to benefits associated with this modality.

We will give a demo, and walk you through some basic techniques you can do yourself any time. We will also provide a brief grounding meditation that you can use anytime you are feeling stressed or over-anxious.


Yoga for the Unsure
Why does everyone tell me I should do yoga? I’d like to try a class, but I’m just not bendy enough.

The Yoga Industry has exploded in the United States, and it can be difficult to figure out who is offering what, what classes are (or aren’t!) appropriate for you, and what you need (or don’t!) in order to practice.

This workshop will give a brief history of this ancient practice. It will scratch the surface of basic yoga philosophy and introduce you to some of the different styles of yoga currently on the market. We will explore the benefits and contraindications of a physical Yoga practice and how Yoga can come to your aid even when you can’t get your leg over your head.

We will go over some basic postures and their Sanskrit names, to take the mystery out of what your Yoga teacher is trying to get you to do. We’ll explore gentle postures you can do any time (even in your office!), breathing techniques, and a simple meditation to help you come back to yourself.


Exploring Body Positivity through Movement
What do you love about yourself? What about you needs to be loved?

Using both guided and free movement, we will explore our inner world through dance, meditation and yoga. Beginning with a grounding opening meditation, we will move to gentle yoga postures to warm up our bodies. From there, we’ll explore how we relate to our bodies through guided movement, before opening the space up for deep, releasing free dance. We’ll bring it back down with more guided moves and yoga postures before closing with savasana and a guided closing meditation. Loose, comfortable clothing and water would be recommended.


Usui Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 Attunements
If you are looking to become attuned to Reiki so you can self-treat or if you are looking to augment your own healing practices by offering Reiki to others, we can offer attunements in either a private or group setting. Pricing varies, so we encourage you to contact us.