Curious about what it’s like working with me? Here’s what some past colleagues and clients have to say!

If you’re interested in hiring me for copyediting, line editing, proofreading, copywriting, or ghostwriting, I encourage you to get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

Thank you for addressing the concerns of layout, SEO, and content you saw with my website so well, and so speedily. Our conversation made it clear that you grasped a need for clarity and your research and skills in writing mean that my new, more refined website is better for your objectivity. You allowed my voice to come through, while making it far crisper.

—Gillian Franks, owner, Feldenkrais with Gillian Franks

I cannot say enough good things about working with Kate. She is professional, warm, friendly and fun! She took a very generic website and turned it into a well thought out, smart and interesting one. I really feel that she was able to capture the nature of my alternative medicine practice as well as my spirit. I was dreading the website revision and Kate made it easy and fun. She went above and beyond for me and my website. I have gotten many positive compliments on the new content and feel it is much more user-friendly. Kate’s knowledge of marketing and alternative healing arts has made her the perfect fit for my project. I appreciate that she was very efficient and got the work done quickly.  Thank you, Kate!

—Aisha Kent, owner, AcuWell Burlington

Kate Williams studied copyediting and proofreading with Editorial Arts Academy in a rigorous six-month mentoring group. . . . She is an astute, thoughtful copyeditor. Kate’s superpower is her incredible fact-checking skills. She caught several factual errors the other students missed, which showed her curiosity and her aptitude for research, both critical skills for an editor. Kate has a wonderful sense of humor and always strives to connect with the author emotionally in her author queries . . . I highly recommend Kate as a copyeditor or proofreader of fiction or nonfiction books and materials.

—Susannah Noel, co-founder, Editorial Arts Academy

Kate took my stream of consciousness, conversational writing and refined it to be easier on the reader’s eye. She created a style sheet for me to follow for future writing so I could maintain these guidelines myself. She was prompt, thoughtful and professional about our work together. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some support with their copy.

—Marie Stone, owner, Pathfinder Energy Works

I have been in my field for many years but had NO idea how to talk about what I do or highlight what services I could offer my customers. Kate patiently listened to my ideas and wrote a description that was exactly what I wanted: friendly and appealing to its reader. She is professional and thorough, and she made the process fun and painless. I would highly recommend her!

—DonnCherie McKenzie, owner, McKenzie Business Services