Kate Williams: Portfolio

With nine years’ experience in direct mail marketing and nearly a decade immersed in the health and wellness industry, I offer a unique set of skills that allows me to tailor my services to your specific needs. Whether you need a conversational blog post, a researched article, or help cleaning up the content you already have, I can help you get your message across.


Editorial Samples

Below are two sample edits, both done on an old blog post of mine that was never edited for content, grammar, consistency, or punctuation. Because providing samples from an author’s in-progress work is unethical, it can be difficult to show proficiency. I am always happy to perform a sample edit (five manuscript pages or 1,200 words) on a piece you provide or take an editing test as required by your publishing house.

Sample Copy/Light Edit

Sample Line/Deep Edit


Current and Ongoing Projects

Ghostwriting: I am currently working on multiple articles of varying lengths (1,200 to upwards of 3,000 words) for a religion blog. Topics range from Catholicism, Buddhism, Protestantism, and more.

Editing: Currently line/copyediting a historical YA novel (~40,000 words). Editing to Chicago style, and developing a Style Sheet. The goal is to either have it is self-published or submit to a vanity press.


Website and Social Media Content

Pathfinders Energy Works: a wellness business focusing on health through energetic healing. Project completed as of April 2019. Assisted in the copyediting of blog posts, provided written content for the Services section, and created a style sheet to help the owner maintain consistency for future blog posts.

“Kate took my stream of consciousness, conversational writing and refined it to be easier on the reader’s eye. She created a style sheet for me to follow for future writing so I could maintain these guidelines myself. She was prompt, thoughtful and professional about our work together. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some support with their copy.” —Marie S., owner

Bashri Tribe: An ATS-style belly dance troupe in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Project completed as of March 2019. Copyedited site content for inclusivity, consistency, and clarity. Provided alternative copy suggestions as appropriate, and gave recommendations regarding social media content.

McKenzie Business Services: Virtual bookkeeping and accounting business. Project ongoing. Assisted in the composition of content to be used on LinkedIn and Facebook, including the owner’s bio and business description blurbs. Currently working with the owner to develop website content.

“I have been in my field for many years but had NO idea how to talk about what I do or highlight what services I could offer my customers. Kate patiently listened to my ideas and wrote a description that was exactly what I wanted: friendly and appealing to its reader. She is professional and thorough, and she made the process fun and painless. I would highly recommend her!” —DonnCherie M., owner


Blog Content

Better Kate Than Never: My personal blog following my journey towards health and wellness, through the lens of my martial arts practice. Posts focus on emotional, mental, and physical health. The tone is conversational. Included below are two posts I’m particularly proud of.

The Grief Gets to You

Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams

Triskele Editorial: My professional blog. Newer content focuses on writing and editing, while older content uses yoga theory, Reiki practices and massage therapy/bodywork to address health and wellness issues. The tone ranges from conversational to informative, depending on the subject matter. Here are a few posts that show the range of topics I’m able to write.

The Curse of the Red Pencil: Advice for the New Fiction Copyeditor

Deep Tissue Massage: Pain is Not Gain

An Introduction to the Chakras

I am always updating the content for this page, so check back often! If you have any questions, would like me to submit a writing/editing sample, or would like to work with me, I encourage you to get in touch.