Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to massage therapy and/or energy work? Do you often hear friends, family or coworkers rave about a treatment yet find yourself hesitant to try it because you don’t know what to expect? We’ve compiled a list of questions we as therapists are often asked, and given you the answers to ease some of your concerns.


Do I get naked? Do I leave my underwear on? Which is right?

Actually, both are “right”. It all depends on your comfort level. Generally speaking, a “traditional massage”—what you would find at a spa—is done directly on the skin. You will be given privacy to disrobe to your comfort level (underwear is fine if you prefer) and get between the sheets on the table. Your therapist will knock on the door before entering. If you aren’t ready yet, just call out when you hear the knock and we’ll wait for you.

At Triskele Wellness, our Reiki treatments do not require any disrobing, and our foot treatment requires access to just the feet and calves if possible. If you are interested in receiving body work but want to remain clothed throughout the session, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs and how we might best help you.


Will I be… you know… exposed?

First and foremost, all legitimate massage businesses in the United States will have strict policies regarding your modesty. Genitalia, breasts and the gluteal cleft should remain covered with either a sheet or towel at all times. If you are ever in a situation where you feel uncomfortable you are within your rights to request a more modest draping. If that is not immediately provided, you have the right to terminate that session.

At Triskele Wellness, our policy is that clients will be under the sheet and blanket, fully covered, before the therapist enters the room. The blanket and sheets will remain on the client at all times. The therapist only exposes the part of the body she is working on (back, arm, leg, feet, etc), and the breasts, gluteal cleft, and genitals are never exposed. As our owner likes to say to all first-time receivers of massage “the important bits are always covered.”


What Can I Expect During the Massage?

Every massage is different. A typical relaxation massage often starts with your back then moves on to your legs. After turning over, the therapist will work their way around your limbs, neck and feet. This is known as a “full body” massage, and the pressure used is usually considered “light” to “firm.” If you are receiving specific work due to pain or injury, your massage may be very different and focused only on certain areas. The pressure used is usually on the “firm” to “deep” side.


What if it Hurts?

One of the reasons Deep Tissue massage gets such a bad reputation is that the feeling of muscles stretching after long periods of immobility can be intense. If you are not used to or not expecting it, the feeling can be overwhelming. Intensity is okay; pain is not. If you find yourself tensing up or cringing, or if you experience intense sharp pain or a limb going numb, we ask that you let us know right away so we can adjust our work. If you do not like what you are experiencing, it isn’t right for you.

At Triskele Wellness, “no pain, no gain” does not apply! We do not believe in forcing our way through tight, unhappy muscles. While we can make the suggestion that it’s time to let go, the muscles themselves need to make that final decision. For chronic injuries and tightness, it can often take many sessions for lasting effects. If there are emotional reasons compounding the physical tightness, no amount of force on the therapist’s part will make a lasting difference until those issues are also addressed.


What if They Touch my Butt?

Some of the body’s most powerful muscles are in “the butt.” When clients indicate lower back discomfort or sciatic issues, the problem is often coming from tight muscles in the gluteal region. Work on those muscles can feel intense, especially if you are new to it. However, it can also be extremely beneficial. Energetically, both the Root (Muladhara) and Sacral (Svadisthana) chakras are located in the gluteal/hip region and as a result, old emotions and issues can get stuck in there, resulting in a reduction of both physical and energetic flexibility.

At Triskele Wellness, we always ask permission before working on the gluteal muscles, and assume that if you are wearing your underwear then you would prefer we not work there unless consent is otherwise received. Gluteal work can be done directly on the skin (using a drape that ensures modesty for the client) or through the blanket/sheet.


What if I Have a Question in the Middle of the Massage?

Feel free to ask any questions you might have! Some people have an easier time relaxing if they can talk a bit during the first part of the massage. We always encourage questions and communication. In fact, vocalizing thoughts, sensations, and emotions that come up during a session can be a helpful way of releasing old patterns that are no longer needed.