Kate Williams

Kate WilliamsKate was introduced to massage therapy in Spring 2009, when she received a gift certificate to a local spa. After receiving the first massage of her life, she sat in the lounge and thought that if the world’s leaders felt as blissed out as she did, there would be no wars. While she couldn’t influence those world leaders, she could help others around her. Six months later, she quit her marketing job and was enrolled in Touchstone Healing Arts Massage Practitioner program.

After graduating in 2010, she also became a Reiki Practitioner through Spiral Pathways Holistic Health and Learning, and in 2013 received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certificate through Laughing River Yoga. In 2015, she was the recipient of the 4393 Best of Award for “Best Massage” by the Stowe Reporter and Waterbury Record. In 2017, she was honored to become a Reiki Master through New Beginnings Wellness and Massage.

Kate is currently enrolled in a three-month mentoring program at Editorial Arts Academy. She is looking forward to sharing her new-found knowledge and offering copy editing services starting in January. She also plans on enrolling in a health/wellness coaching program in 2019, and offer coaching in the spring.

In addition to all of that, Kate has been a student of Egyptian/Cabaret and Tribal Fusion belly dance since 2007. She is currently part of the dance troupe Leanan Sidhe and can be seen performing at various venues across Vermont. Kate is also a First Degree Green Belt in Kempo Jiujitsu, and plans on testing for her brown belt in the spring. She just started studying the art of Filipino arnis de mano stick fighting.

Kate firmly believes that she is not so much the healer but the one who enables the client to do the deep inner work. She looks forward to meeting each of her clients where they are at in their wellness journey, and to work with them to facilitate deep, well-rounded healing.