Kate Williams

Kate Williams

Kate began her professional life as a project assistant with the Rural Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Project, a collaboration with Vermont’s child protective services and domestic violence advocates.

From there, she moved into academic publishing as a Senior Marketing Coordinator. It was in this position that she began designing, copyediting, and proofreading production catalogs. She also edited (and often re-wrote) book blurbs.

In her next marketing job at an agricultural energy efficiency consulting firm, she produced project-specific newsletters, press releases, work proposals, and tech sheets. She even authored a journal article.

After nearly a decade in marketing, Kate needed a change and found massage. After graduating from Touchstone Healing Arts in 2010 with a certificate in massage therapy, she obtained certification in Reiki levels one and two that same year. In 2013, she successfully completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program offered through Laughing River Yoga.

Kate spent six years in wellness centers and high-end spas, providing healing and relaxation to locals and visitors alike. In 2016, Kate—who always swore she’d never own her own business—opened Triskele Wellness, her private practice. In 2017, Kate received her Reiki Master training from New Beginnings Wellness and Massage. She could now focus on offering healing through Reiki and massage combined into one deep, cathartic treatment.

In 2018—after nearly a decade of hands-on work—Kate returned to her literary roots by enrolling in a six-month editorial mentorship program offered through Editorial Arts Academy. Always a lover of words, the in-depth study presented in the program reminded Kate of a secret dream she’d always harbored: to make a living reading books.

When Kate isn’t working with clients or finding errant comma splices, she spends her time working toward her brown belt in Kempo Jiujitsu, studying various traditional weapons techniques, and performing with her belly dance troupe Leanan Sidhe. She also enjoys traveling, exploring, and hiking with her husband and cranky beagle mix.