Things, They are a-Changin’


Over the past six months, you may have noticed a subtle shift here on the Triskele Wellness website. The blurb has changed on the Home page, and the tabs are different. This blog has even moved to a tab of its own. Why, do you ask?

Triskele Wellness is in the process of diversifying.

I still offer my bodywork and energy work services, and plan to for a while yet. After all, when so many people tell you that you have a gift, you should probably listen. But massage and Reiki aren’t my only gifts. All my life, I’ve had a joy of reading and writing. I was that crazy kid in high school and college who loved it when the teacher assigned an essay or report. I always used to wish that I could make a living off reading books.

It turns out . . . you can.

Over the past several months, I have been participating in an editorial mentorship program. I graduate in April 2019, and plan on accepting editorial work officially at that time. I am currently accepting writing projects.

Triskele Wellness will remain my private practice name. My bodywork and energy work menu remains the same: therapeutic massage, Reiki, and integrated treatments are still available, as are my popular lavender wrap and “Roots in Earth” treatments. I am available three days a week: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

The literary side of things will be known as Triskele Editorial. I will continue to focus on the genres of health, wellness, and spirituality, because that is where my expertise is and where my passion lies. I will also be happy to look at fiction works, particularly if they are science fiction, fantasy, or suspense.

Business cards for Triskele Wellness and Triskele Editorial
My business cards. Green for massage, blue for editorial.

Over the past nine years, my massage therapy and energy work practice has proved immensely rewarding. I’ve had the honor of working with a diverse range of people, both as coworkers and clients. I’ve worked at a national massage chain, wellness centers, high-end spas, and as a private practitioner. I have been challenged and have grown in ways I never thought possible.

This new extension of my private practice is part of that growth. In many ways, I am returning to my roots. For the first time, I’m allowing a dream to be more than that; I’m allowing it to become real. I’ve always wanted to write, but I never thought it would—could—be anything more than a hobby. The Stephen Kings of the world are rare, after all. But it turns out, there is a middle ground between starving writer and ridiculously bestselling author. It’s called “making a living doing what you love.”

That is my goal.

So, if you are looking for a therapeutic massage or a Reiki session, they are still available. If you’ve written something or would like me to write something for you, that is newly available. Either way, we should talk. You can email me at


Welcome to your (embodied, inspirational, and/or literary) journey.