Witches Wearing Santa Hats are a Special Kind of Magic

I remember the day after Halloween this year. I was driving to my Kempo class, and as I pulled up to the intersection, one of the homes had all—and I do mean all—of their outdoor Christmas decorations up. They crammed as much as they possibly could onto their tiny front lawn.

My first thought was, you’ve got to be kidding me.

Actually, my next several thoughts were along the same line. However, as November continued on and I continued to drive past the display several times a week, something changed.

You know what? I thought to myself, What does it matter? If it brings them happiness—and it obviously does—where is the harm? 

The holidays in general tend to be triggers for many of us. Maybe we’ve lost someone, maybe our home life left us with bad memories, maybe we don’t celebrate the same things. Maybe we’ve become disenchanted by over-commercialization. Maybe we’re sick of being told to be “cheery and bright” when our default status is “sarcastic and maudlin.”

Here’s the thing: though it doesn’t always feel it, there is room for everyone.

For a lot of people, Christmas is the one time of year they are able to find hope. The lights, the decorations, the saccharin Hallmark Channel movies are able to lift and bolster when everything else in the year seems to drag down. For them, starting the season as early as possible means they get to hope for a little longer, they get to have something to brighten their day a little more.

When we make fun of the Christmas Creep (and yes, I count myself among those that do), we are harshing someone else’s happy. That’s not okay.

I have to admit, I get a kick out of the juxtaposition.

In this world we live in right now, finding any kind of hope, happiness, peace, or abundance is really, really hard. There are a lot of people struggling for the basics right now. Sometimes, you grab the one thing that brings a little light into your life and keep it in a stranglehold.

Who are we, scratch that, who am I to judge?

That doesn’t mean we don’t all get to celebrate our own preferred holidays; just the opposite! In my opinion, the more holidays the merrier. Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Diwali, Festivus, KrampusNacht, Wolfenoot, or anything in between, there’s something for everyone. And everyone should be able to find their happy and stick with it for as long as they can muster.

Personally, I believe 100% that you should revel in the magic where ever you can find it.

So yeah, I get it. This time of year can be really difficult. For those of us who can find the magic and wonder, please keep in mind that others struggle. For those of us just trying to get through the last part of the year in one piece, recognize that it’s okay for others to be happy.

We all get to feel what we feel, and it’s all okay.

Whether you find the magic in Santa, oil that lasted for eight nights, the return of the sun, honoring the Nguzo Saba for seven nights, making puja to Lakshmi, or airing your grievances, it all counts. It’s all worthy, and it’s all exactly right.

Because we all have the right to a little hope, a little love, and a little magic . . . where ever we find it.