October Updates

It’s officially October, and how appropriate that we’re kicking it off with a rainy Monday. Autumn in Vermont has so much to offer: cider donuts, the best views in the northeast, and tons of activities for all ages, spooky or not. Wherever you find yourself this month, may it be full of color, wonder, and cider- or pumpkin-flavored everything.

Weekend Access

I know for all of my Sunday clients, getting in the building can be a difficult process. The preferred method of entry is to come around to the door pictured below: (to the left of the main door from the parking lot), and call up to The Wellness Collective (312). We will buzz you in from there. If you are early to your appointment, we may be in with another client, so if it doesn’t work right away try again in a minute or so.


Sick Days are for Snugglin’

Let’s all admit it: hanging upside down for an hour with clogged sinuses isn’t fun or relaxing. If you are sick (or think you are coming down with something), please get in touch to reschedule. You will never be penalized for this, even if it’s the same day. Your health (and mine!) is more important than a massage.


Foul Weather Protocol

As we slide in to the end of the year (already!), please know that I use the Burlington School System as a guide for winter cancellations/closures. If the roads get nasty and don’t look safe, I will either call or email clients scheduled that day to re-book. Similarly, I encourage each of you to get in touch if you’d rather get home in once piece. I know my massages are good, but they aren’t “risk your life on icy roads” good. Stay safe, everyone!


I Have Another Blog, Did You Know That?

Did you know that in addition to this blog, I have a second one? Better Kate Than Never is a record of my journey along the “Road to Brown Belt:” a goal I hope to fulfill in the Spring. It highlights my attempts at clean eating, fitness, and overall health and wellness as I make my way through the ranks of Kempo JiuJitsu. Feel free to check it out, follow, and comment.

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