Which Way Do I Go?

How do you know you’re on the right path?

If only it were this obvious.

I ask myself this a lot. Sometimes, it’s easy to know. The trail is well marked, and there are pretty flowers dotted about. Birds are singing and small, adorable animals follow you as your make your way through life, heart open and skies sunny.

I don’t know about you, but I am no Cinderella.

Most of the time I’m wandering around asking “what do you want from me?!” often aloud and in hearing distance of actual human beings. The awkwardness is palpable.

Here’s what some people don’t realize: if you don’t like the path you’re on, you can change it.

I wasn’t happy in my old career anymore, but it took me two years to realize that I could do something drastically different and still be okay. I couldn’t figure out why none of my relationships worked, until I took two years off and exposed all of the choices I was making to put myself in this position. The point is: once I decided I could do something to change things, things changed.

Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what the change needs to be. Sometimes you try things out and they don’t work. But every time you put yourself out there and make the attempt, you’re getting closer to the right thing.

I knew I was finally on the “right path” because everything fell into place. Funding for Massage School came through, at the amounts I needed. I found a part time job that gave me the flexibility I required. I was able to sock enough away in my saving account before quitting my office job to make living feasible. Things were, dare I say, easy.

Saying it is easy detracts and belittles the hard work that was done to get to the easy.

Hard work is something that tends to get overlooked in the social media woo frenzy. “Finding your Path” is meant to be something akin to enlightenment. The Universe will guide you to your Path without you having to lift a finger (but only if you think positively). Once you’re there, BOOM, Cinderella.

While I don’t discount the work of the Universe or Higher Power of your preference, saying it’s easy and there’s no work involved on your part is misguiding. You’ve got to be willing to slog through the muck in order to reach higher ground.

For example, my “right path” lead me to a new career. But in order to actually have this new profession, it meant 700 hours of in-depth training and a part-time job to help pay the bills. Between work and school, I did 70 hours weeks for nine months. I got sick four times, the last of which was a bout of bronchitis so bad I feared I cracked a rib. But I did the work.

After my last long-term relationship fell apart, I went through two years of deep introspection and hard work inspired by the Yogic philosophy. I used the yamas and niyamas (click the link to find the book I used, which I highly recommend), did deep Chakra work, and explored the eight limbs of Yoga to rid myself of old habits and demons that influenced my relationships with others. Frankly, it sucked donkey balls. But I never would have met my husband or have been able to have a successful, committed relationship without that hard, muck-raking work.

The point is, if it feels like you’re stuck or not where you are “supposed” to be, you can change it. It might take a while, and it certainly won’t be easy. But with hard work, exploration, and being open to possibilities, you can find the perfect path for you at this point in your life. And know too that you’ll have several over the course of this journey. But be open, and be ready.

Trust me, you’ll know it when you find it. Look for the singing birds and cute animals.