The Gift of Time

My vision board is located in my home office. It is a large bulletin board that takes up a fair amount of a wall and is hung at eye level. While it changes a bit over the course of a year (as ideas and plans ferment or fall away), the bulk of it doesn’t change much.

My office space, replete with vision board, photocopy of an original Animal sketch stolen from the recycling bin of Jim Henson Productions 22 years ago (ouch), and a kissy pic of Hubs and I.

This year, it is also divided between “professional” and “personal”. One of my personal goals for 2018 is to “Cultivate A Less Busy Day.”

Just the idea of that has you sighing in wistfulness, doesn’t it?

As a society, we’re determined to cram the most into each and every minute possible. There is always more to be done, always something else to take on, just one more place to go.

We don’t ever stop. We eat meals in our car as we race from one location to the next. We sit for hours upon hours at computers, never looking up or taking breaks. We bring our work home, on vacation, to family events. Our weekends are crammed to bursting with chores and all the socializing engagements we put off during the week because we work 12 hours days.

But here’s a thought… what if we didn’t?

What if we made it a point to sit down and eat, and pay attention to our food? What if we got up from our desks and walked around, actually talked to our coworkers instead of PMing them? What if, and I know this sounds insane, we turned off and checked out at home, vacation, family events?

What if we made it a point to find space in our day to simply sit and be? No obligations, no chores, no responsibilities. Just sit and exist, and to see the joy and beauty all around us. To reconnect with ourselves, our loved ones, our existence.

What would that be like?

For me personally, in order to fulfill this goal I need to schedule it into my calendar. Otherwise, my hours will suddenly be filled with chores and errands that absolutely need to get done, my own health and happiness be damned.

If you look closely, a couple of the “MINE”s have “Home Shit” in small letters. I try not to let that happen, but occasionally needs must.

I denote this time in my calendar as “MINE”, in big bold letters. I don’t specify what this time of mine is, as what I need varies. Sometimes, it’s sitting down with a book. Or meditating. Sometimes, it’s jogging or practicing my Kempo forms. Sometimes it’s ditching the dog (as he is a responsibility – and a PITA – on walks) and heading for the bike path for an hour.

Out of all my goals, this one is one of the harder ones. It isn’t easy, and some days and weeks are better than others. But not cramming one thing on top of the other in my schedule? Not racing from one thing to the next with no time to breathe? I have found that hazardous to my health.

And I’m taking matters into my own hands.