Welcome Spring!


We’re well into the year now, and hopefully you’ve finally started writing 2018 whenever you date something.

I’ve been busy the first quarter of the year, not only seeing my wonderful clients but also taking stock of how Triskele Wellness has fared in its first two years of existence (very well, thanks for asking!). I’ve also been asking myself the hard questions, like: How do I want to move my practice forward? What do I need to do personally so I can continue this important work? How can I get paid to cuddle my dog all day?

Powers of Manifestation ACTIVATE.

One of the first things I did was take a long, hard look at my menu options. While I enjoyed each of those treatments in theory, in practice not all of them worked. I decided having a smaller, more targeted menu was my best course of action. All of my most popular treatments made the cut, so you’re still able to schedule your favorites.

Like the Cocoon of Calm Lavender Wrap. Seriously, have you not tried that yet?!

I am excited to say that with the culling of the menu, I was able to add one treatment: I am now offering a 60m version of my Integrated Treatment! This is the perfect solution for those who want to dip their toes into the deeper healing of combined body and energy work, but don’t feel comfortable with or have time for a longer session.

A few of you keen observers will also note that most of my prices have gone up slightly, with the exception of the 90m therapeutic massage. I thought long and hard about those increases before implementing them, and I did my best to keep all the treatments affordable and accessible. I will continue to offer the complimentary add-ins to each session, such as warm towels and aromatherapy.

Starting April 1st, my in-office schedule will shift slightly. I will be available for treatments Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday will become an “in-service” day for me, where I can catch up on paperwork and delve deeper into writing. To that end, I hope to pick up where I left off on this blog, both with the Chakra series and with other discussions. My goal is to have something to share with you on a weekly basis.

Do you have something you’d like me to talk about? Get in touch! I’d love to hear your ideas.

I look forward to continuing to work with each and every one of you. I love working with each of my clients, and seeing the wonderful progress made toward deeper health and happiness.