New Blog Series: The Chakras

I was first introduced to the idea of the Chakras during my time training to be a massage therapist. I had heard of them prior to enrolling of course; but I knew little to nothing about them. Certainly not what they were or how to work with them.

In the seven years since graduating, working with them has become an integral part of my private practice. I use them as key components in the energy and crystal work that I do, and I often can be heard saying “my third chakra is out of whack again.”

Luckily, my colleagues not only understand what I mean when I say this, they often say similar things! However, outside of the alternative wellness or spiritual communities, mentioning anything about the Chakras or other forms of energy work can draw blank stares at best, or derision and prejudice at worst.

This new eight-part series will go through each main Chakra individually, giving you a breakdown of what it represents, where it is located in the body, and how to work with it. The first post will act as an overall introduction to the idea of Chakras. My hope is that this in-depth look will take the mystery out of this form of energy work, and help you to take control of your own energetic and mental/emotional bodies.

Of course, these posts are just the tip of the iceberg. You can study this subject matter for a lifetime and learn new things every day.

I hope you find them useful, and as always I encourage any questions or thoughts you may have.

Enjoy the journey!

Image courtesy J Billings Photography. Chakras added by me.