A Message for the New Year

In my integrated treatment sessions, I will sometimes pull a card from The Soul’s Journey deck, created by James Van Praagh and widely available. I am not always called to pull a card during the sessions, but when I do they often resonate for the client. I seldom “read” it for them, but rather allow the card to speak to them on whatever level is open to the message.

As we start a new year, I thought it would be interesting to pull a card to share with all of you:


Surrender: I can release my need to control.

The guidebook goes on to say:

“Your soul, too, has a path, and you possess the power to control it – but you must surrender the illusion that you have control over another… You’ll be surprised to find that when you release the energy of control and accept the energy of surrender, doors will open that you never expected, because you have now given the Universe space in which to materialize what is needed for your highest soul growth.”

In this new year, what does “surrender” mean to you? How does seeing this card feel? What is your reaction? Does something you can let go of immediately come to mind, or does anger, sadness, or some other emotion surface? What does it feel like to examine these feelings from a place of non-judgement?

These and other cards can be an interesting and often telling glimpse in to what so often is churning just below the surface. They can help guide, open doors, and help us see things a little more clearly (or sometimes see things we’d prefer not to face at all).

However this card rings for you, I hope you find your year filled with promise, joy, abundance and love.