The Difference 10 Minutes Can Make

The “industry standard” for most spas and larger/chain clinics in the United States is 50 minutes for massages and treatments (or 80 minutes. Or, if you are very lucky 110 minutes). The reason for this is that in those 10 minutes, your therapist is getting you off of the table and back to the lounge, changing the table and setting up the next treatment, then finding their next client and getting them on the table.

In 10 minutes.

Sometimes, this is easy. Sometimes, if the next treatment is an elaborate one, it is not. And “running late” is seldom, if ever an option. So whether the client is late or the therapist, each session must end on time in order to remain on schedule. Unfortunately, this means that if anyone is running slow or late, the client can end up receiving a 45-minute massage. Sometimes even less. More often than not your spa therapist feels terrible about this, but there is little he or she can do.

One of the perks of having your own business is that you can make your own schedule. I can offer the full scheduled treatment time of 60 minutes (or 90, or 120). Moreover, I schedule a half hour in between appointments, so if one of us is running a little behind, I can still provide the full treatment time and maintain the integrity of the daily schedule.

And what a difference that full 60 minutes can make! I can spend extra time focusing on the areas that need some special attention. I can stay with the knots and work them out. I can take my time. I can work in some hot towels or a warm stone or two. I can do what needs to be done so you leave feeling relaxed and more in tune with your body. You have the opportunity to slowly return to reality after your treatment; no rushing you out the door so the next person can get on the table. You will have the time you need to re-integrate.

As a therapist, I firmly believe that any work you choose to have – whether it is at a spa, wellness center, private practice, or chain clinic – is good work and paving the way to a better, healthier you.

But oh… those extra 10 minutes!