Welcome to Triskele Wellness


Welcome to Triskele Wellness: a multifaceted health and wellness private practice that actively supports both the seeker and the provider in their wellness journey.


Healing is a unique experience to each individual. There is no “one treatment fits all” miracle cure to this process. For many, it means experimenting until we find what works best. Often, the solutions that do the most good aren’t traditionally labeled as “therapeutic” at all. That doesn’t mean they aren’t effective or valuable; just the opposite.


Our goal at Triskele Wellness is to assist those who are looking for a deeper relationship with their personal healing, whatever that looks like for them. We offer a comprehensive and diverse set of services that allow seekers and practitioners alike the opportunity to deepen their relationship with wellness. Whether that means inner work through Reiki, addressing the holding patterns of the body, or trusting a fellow healer to understand the nuances of your writing, we’re here to help you along your path.


Welcome to your journey.