Freelance Editing and Writing Services for Health, Wellness, and Spirituality


Welcome to Triskele Editorial, a freelance writing and editing service focusing on, but not limited to, the health and wellness industry.

Healing is a unique experience for each individual. There is no “one treatment fits all” miracle cure to the process. The solutions that do the most good aren’t often traditionally labeled as “therapeutic” at all.

With nearly a decade of experience as a practicing wellness professional, I am here to put my expertise to work for you. Whether you are looking for content for online or print material, or in need of another set of eyes for your own written work, I can help you get your message across.

As a fellow healer, I understand the nuances of your writing. I believe we are working toward the same goal: to assist those who are looking for a deeper relationship with their personal healing to find the resources they need.

Let the healing begin.