Welcome to Triskele Wellness


A triskele (tris-KEL-lay) is a shape with three interwoven spirals. While the word itself is Greek, similar motifs can be found in multiple cultures around the world. It symbolizes the three merging into one.

At Triskele Wellness, we interpret this symbolism as merging the body, mind and soul into one complete individual—you.  By addressing the emotional (mind), energetic (soul) and physical (body) aspects of a person, we can bring the entire system into balance.

Through the integration of body and energy work techniques, you are guided through the process of finding ease within your own body. As you find a place of rest and relaxation, stress departs and the mind calms, allowing you to go deeper into a feeling of peace, comfort, and healing. 

We firmly believe that genuine, lasting change must first come from within and that you are the one in charge of your deepest healing.
We are facilitators on your journey to health and wellness.


Welcome to your Journey.